This course will give you a basic introduction to Hairstyling and Esthetics.
Students develop the knowledge and skills required to maintain a personal health and safety plan; identify the steps for obtaining a journeyman certificate; and describe how to apply legislation, regulations, and practices of the industry.
Students apply safe and hygienic practices in the work environment.

Prerequisite: HSA3900: Aprenticeship Safety

In this module you will learn to handle hair confidently, brush, comb and part hair correctly and create ropes, knots and two- or three-strand braids.

Students analyze and describe the structure and condition of the hair and scalp. Prerequisite: HSA3900: Aprenticeship Safety
Students learn how to conduct client consultations where they analyze the client's needs to perform the appropriate services. Students demonstrate the proper handling of draping techniques. Prerequisite: HSA3900: Aprenticeship Safety
Students describe and demonstrate techniques for setting wet hair into style patterns. Prerequisite: HSA3900: Aprenticeship Safety

Students identify the basic structures and functions of the skin. Students analyze skin and perform basic skin care practices, including cleansing, toning, nourishing and protecting.

Students identify the functions, shapes and basic structure of fingernails, identify conditions of the hands and fingernails, and perform basic manicures.

Students describe the purpose and scope of theatrical make-up, identify elements related to designing theatrical make-up and use appropriate materials to perform basic theatrical make-up techniques.