Unit 1 – Home and Community

In this unit we will review material learned in Japanese 10 and begin learning the katakana chart.  Students will explore how to indicate abilities as well as ~te form verb conjugation.  Students will also expand on their ability to write kanji.  Upon the completion of this unit, students will have a better ability to talk about their home and their community.

  • Review (and lot’s of it!)

  • Katakana Intro

  • Kanji expanded

  • -te form

  • Abilities

  • Potential form

  • Numbers expanded

  • Past tense

Unit 2 – School Life

In this unit students will expand on their growing understanding of the katakana chart and also continue to build on kanji.  In discussing school routines, the topic of time will be expanded on using minute counters.  Students will build on school course vocabulary and expand on things that "one can do" in school.

  • Katakana expanded
  • Kanji expanded
  • ~naide
  • Time expanded
  • Present continuous
  • Counters Expanded
  • Abilities expanded

Unit 3 – Weather

In Unit 3, students will explore how to talk about the weather.  Students will expand on their knowledge of adjectives and also learn to talk about the seasons in Japan.  Haiku will be explored to make a cultural connection with the seasons in Japan.

  • Weather vocabulary

  • 2. From/Until
  • 3. Adjective conjugation expanded
  • 4. The Calendar
  • 5. Seasons 
  • 6. Haiku

Unit 4 & 5 – Fashion and Shopping/ Vacations and Travel

The final unit in Japanese 20 will be divided into two sub-units.  In Fashion, students will explore clothing as well as asking the price of objects in a store.  Students will also learn how to use their shopping vocabulary to plan a vacation and travel.

  • Giving and receiving

  • Ordering

  • Counters Expanded

  • “kara” = reasoning

  • Inquiring about costs

  • Inanimate vs. animate objects

Here you will find various resources to help you prepare for your final exams (both oral and written).

You will also find the link to the Final Oral for FlipGrid.