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The objectives of the 6-credit course in Anthropology and World Religion are designed to develop within you an understanding of anthropology, as the study of the total way of life of human beings and our religions. You will focus on the methods, techniques and tools used by anthropologists. Moreover you will demonstrate an understanding of anthropology as a means of improving social and cultural relations. 

Introduction to Anthropology and Evolutionary Theory 

  1. Scope of Anthropology
  2. Evolution of Evolution
  3. Evolution of Culture
  4. Primates and Early Hominids 
  5. Interpreting the fossil record 

Emergence of Homo Sapiens and Paleolithic Lifestyles 

  1. Neanderthals and Modern humans
  2.  Paleolithic Cultures
  3.  New World Culture 

Mesolithic/Neolithic Lifestyles

  •  Human Variation and Race 
  • Origins of Food Production and Settled Life
  •  Language and Culture 
  • Medicine 

Mythology and Religion Before Common Era

  •  The Origins of Early Religion/Later Religion 
  • Native Aboriginal Religiousity 
  • Ancient Egyptian Religous Belief Systems
  • Hinduism
  • Judaism
  • Buddhism