This course will allow you to develop project design and management skills to extend and enhance your competencies and skills in other CTS courses through contexts that are personally relevant to you. 


  • Before you begin this module you will need to "pitch" your idea for a project to your instructor
  • Once you have permission to do the module, then you will submit a hard copy of your MODULE CONNECTION FORM to the instructor for review
  • You will also have to include a critique/evaluation after finishing your project

This project course is fully student directed, in that you will be responsible for designing what you will do and what you will learn. The requirements for this course are that the project you design must connect with a minimum of two CTS courses, one of which must be at the introductory level and be in the same occupational area as the project course. The other CTS course(s) can be either at the same level or at the intermediate level from any occupational area.

Students apply theories, skills and techniques to resolve complex 2-D design problems. Emphasis is placed on exploring shape, composition, aesthetics, cultural context, materials, processes and systems, while addressing social responsibility and environmental stewardship.

Prerequisite: DES2035: 2-D Design 2

Students apply theories, skills and techniques appropriate to 3-D design. Students will deal with such aspects as shaping, massing, proportion, scale, contrast, colour, texture and finish within the context of complex 3-D design projects. Students are introduced to cultural, symbolic and human factors, principles and ergonomic considerations.

Prerequisite: DES2045: 3-D Design 2

Students solve design problem(s) using advanced computer-aided design (CAD) methods, advanced commands, 2-D and/or 3-D modelling techniques, rendering, shading, and animation techniques.

Prerequisite: DES2055: CAD 2

Students develop complex explanatory drawings for civil, mechanical, structural or electrical systems. This is a skill-building course with an emphasis on explanatory line drawings suitable for presentation and assembly.

Prerequisites: DES2055: CAD 2 or DES2075: Technical Drafting 2

Students explore new possibilities in design, including the role of the designer and the challenges that are faced by designers.

Prerequisite: None