Students apply electro-assembly technology to manufacture circuit boards

Prerequisite: ELT1010: Electro-assembly 1

Students demonstrate the fundamentals of branch circuit wiring used in residential/commercial buildings.

Prerequisite: ELT1030: Conversion & Distribution

Students construct and demonstrate the fundamentals of electronic power supply technology.

Prerequisite: ELT1050: Electronic Power Supply 1

Students demonstrate the fundamentals of security technology used in homes, businesses and transportation systems.

Prerequisite: ELT1110: Security Systems 1

Students demonstrate basic knowledge of lasers and other light wave communication applications in various electronic systems.

Prerequisite: None

Students demonstrate knowledge of digital principles, by using small-scale transistor–transistor logic (TTL) and complementary metal-oxide semiconductor (CMOS) integrated technology.

Students learn computer work station operations, including computer architecture, peripherals, configurations, operating system environments and platforms, utility software, diagnostic and protection software, hard drive file updating and maintenance, support resource application and troubleshooting activities.

Prerequisite: None

In order to do this module, you must build your own computer, install, configure an operating system.